Golden Lies – Barbara Freethy

Golden Lies

Riley McAllister gets more than he bargained for when he visits an open day for an antiques TV show with his grandmother and a Chinese golden dragon statue that has been hiding in the attic for many years. The statue draws the attention of the Hathaway family, in particular, David Hathaway. He offers to buy the statue from Riley and his grandmother and organises for the statue to be kept overnight in his store for tests and examinations. Riley is wary but concedes in the end. News soon emerges that David has been attacked in Chinatown and the statue is missing. Why was he there? Who was the culprit? Where is the statue now? It is clear that the Hathaway family have a lot of deep secrets and together with David’s daughter Paige, Riley soon discovers that the statue is a lot more important that he once thought, and wanted by a lot of people who will do anything to get it. Riley soon develops feelings for Paige, but his history leads him to question who he can really trust…


Overall I enjoyed the story – mainly the mystery surrounding the statue, and the way that Paige and Riley’s falling in love was gently interweaved through the narrative. I thought that the parts which alluded to sex detracted from the pace of the novel and the main mystery itself. It did come across at times as not knowing what genre it wanted to be. The other plot threads such as David’s affair and the introduction of Alyssa added to the story but the ending seemed a little rushed. I also thought Riley’s character could have been developed a little further – his actions and speech did seem confusing as he often switched moods, and more could have been explained about his parents. 3.5 stars.