It Happened In Venice – Molly Hopkins

Evie Dexter is on holiday in  a beautiful country with her handsome husband-to-be Rob – what could be better? Well, for Evie, there is one thing that is troubling her – the fact that “Saint” Rob cheated on her with his former flame, Helen, whilst on tour. Since then, he has put all of his efforts into proving Evie that he is the one for her but can Evie ever forgive and forget? Throw into the mix the growing role that multi-millionaire client of Insignia Tours, John, plays in her life and splitting her work life between touring and working at Nikki’s restaurant and it becomes clear that life isn’t as easy as Evie once thought it was…


Overall, I thought that this was a good read, and there is more of a story here than It Happened in Paris, which was mainly about Evie and Rob having sex. This allows the reader to see more to her character whilst she navigates through obstacles (some that are very  unexpected) that are thrown in her way in humorous and at time, emotional ways.


The ending is no surprise and you can kind of  guess it from reading the first book. However, it makes a happy ending for Evie, who is a great character. 4 stars


It Happened in Paris by Molly Hopkins

Evie Dexter is looking for a new path in life, and manages to land herself a new job as a tour guide in Paris. However, things aren’t as easy as she thought they would be, as her lack of travel experience threatens to hinder her, but can she manages to make it as a successful tour guide? With the assistance of coach driver, Rob, this new path takes her to a whole new experience…

I enjoyed the story as a whole. It Happened in Paris was a good read. 75% of it is devoted to sex, or talking about sex (so not recommended for those who don’t like reading about it) but the friendships that Evie has and her romance with Rob is worth reading. Evie is a selfish and irresponsible person, but I can’t help but admire the way in which she turns a bad situation around in her favour, sometimes with hilarious consequences. Rob is someone that the reader doesn’t get to know much about as a person, and perhaps he could have been developed further. Evie’s best friend, Lulu, is funny, although at times, slightly over-the-top and behaving very unfriendlike…Hopkins’ descriptions of the sights of Paris are wondrous.

Plotwise, well there isn’t much of a plot at first. The first half is mainly made up of sex, sex, sex. Halfway though, an event happens that makes Evie question her new-found happiness, and the story develops further as she attempts to find herself. I found the ending complete unexpected (apart from the sex bit) as I though Nikki, Evie’s friend, would play a bigger role. There is a sequel, It Happened in Venice, so it will be interesting to see how Evie’s story continues. Overall, a good read, although I wish there was less emphasis on sex. 3.5 stars.