A Minute to Midnight by Amy Silver

Since the age of 13,  Nicole Blake has made a list of five New Year resolutions with Julian Symonds, who is concealing a big secret. Over the next 20 years, Nicole and her friends cope with career highs and lows, new love and life changes, and the aftermath of everything being blown apart after one momentous event during noe year. Can Nicole get her life back on track and move on?

This was a surprising read, quite serious and heavy in its tone, yet I loved the way the story was pieced together, and the way in which the narrative was told through diary form in the past and present. It was interesting to see how the characters deal with the fall out of one momentous year, and the sacrifices that Dom makes for his wife at the end were touching. Silver has written a great story which kept me gripped and captivated. 3.5stars, almost a 4.