Mr Commitment – Mike Gayle

Mel and Duffy have been in a blissful relationship for 4 years, but that all changes when Mel proposes to Duffy. Duffy loves Mel, but he can’t bear the idea of committing to her. Can he ever change his mindset or will he risk losing the “one” because of his refusal to marry her?
It is another well written guy-lit book from Mike Gayle, but I preferred My Legendary Girlfriend. Although Gayle tries to present Duffy as being a character that you should sympathize with, he comes across as idiotic at times, with an obsession to his bachelor-like lifestyle and his TV. I feel a bit sorry for Mel! In the end, Duffy realises his error and he reconciles with Mel, and proposes to her. It is an adequate tale but I found the story a little lagging, and the other side stories e.g. his sister’s baby, Dan’s ex getting married and Mark and Julie didn’t really add anything to the narrative. 2.5 stars.


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