The One You Love – Paul Pilkington

It should have been the happiest day of her life as Emma Holden is about to get married to the love of her life, Dan. However, on her hen night, she discovers at their flat that Richard, Dan’s brother, has been brutally beaten and is close to death, and Dan is nowhere to be seen. On the day that Emma should have been getting married, she is now trying to fit the pieces of her shattered life together. Is Dan really responsible for nearly killing his own brother? Is it simply that Dan didn’t want to get married and has left her? Or is there something more sinister going on?

This is a fantastic read – I was constantly gripped by the story, which was full of twists and turns that made it really hard to put the book down! Pilkington’s strengths lie in his ability to create so many complex plot strands and back stories and manages to weave them into a novel that retains its suspense throughout. It kept me guessing as to who was responsible for Richard’s attack and what happened to Dan. I think that I had suspected everyone apart from Emma by the end of the story! The ending was unexpected and once again, Pilkington manages to pepper in a few more surprises. I have a few quibbles in that the ending, although done well, seemed to end on an abrupt note (possibly because I wanted to read more as it was a great story!) and although Pilkington’s style of writing is meant to conceal the true identity and the truth, it did get a little confusing in a few places, but these are only minor problems in what was otherwise an excellent story. As a reader, one really gets involved with Emma’s plight and gets absorbed in her quest to find out the truth to the very end. 4.5 stars.

*This book is currently free on Amazon Kindle and I would recommend downloading it!


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