Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

This is the first of the True Blood book series, where Harris presents us with Bon Temps, a small town where vampires and humans co-exist freely but not easily. Sookie Stackhouse has a gift, or something she labels a curse: to be able to read the minds of other people. One person she cannot read the mind of is Bill Compton. There is more to Bill that meets the eye and it isn’t long before she starts falling for him, but will the uniqueness/strangeness of their relationship get in the way of their love? Or perhaps it will be the unwelcome attentions of another vampire, or the fact that he brother has been arrested for committing several murders, which are associated with vampire-hate crime, that poses a great obstacle?

This was an enjoyable read, a much better written version of the vampire-human romance genre made famous by Twilight. Some of the narrative and plot is a little odd but that could be due to the new vampire world that Harris has created. It is a good introduction to the series and I am looking forward to reading the other stories! 3.5 stars


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