All The Single Ladies – Jane Costello

Sam Brooks thinks she has it all but is left stunned when her boyfriend Jamie suddenly announces that he is dumping her as he wants to move to South America. Jamie insists that he still loves her but this is something that he has to do. Sam sets her sights on trying to win him back using seduction, a little bit of stalking, a fabulous makeover and sighing up to a dating agency to find men to make him jealous. Jamie soon decides that he has made the wrong choice and wants Sam back, but is that what she really wants?

This is a hilarious read as Sam enters mishap after mishap in her quest to win Jamie back. Jamie is a frustrating man and it becomes incredulous as to how Sam is over-focused on winning him back. Jamie is a selfish ditherer and coupled with another revelation later on in the novel, make you sympathise with Sam, which is testament to what a great character she is. She is warm, funny and real. Sam’s encounters with her dates were also great to read, and she meets one date in particular who changes her outlook on life. The ending was fantastic as Sam decides what she wants, and the final scene is sweet. The concurrent storylines about Julia’s parentage and Ellie’s alcoholism provides a serious contrast that also complements that frivolity and light heartedness of the main narrative.

A good read, although Bridesmaids still ranks as Costello’s best novel. 4 stars.


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