An Accidental Proposal – Matt Dunn

Edward Middleton is finally getting married, or so he thinks. He cannot be sure whether the night before was a true proposal or simply an informal talk about his feelings on marriage with Sam. Needless to say, Edward perseveres with the wedding, and things only get much tougher from thereon. Their ideas of the perfect wedding clash (with Edward wanting a wedding with all-the-frills and Sam wanting to keep it a more low-key affair), Edward’s ex-girlfriend Jane returns, Sam may be cheating on Edward, and Edwards wakes up the morning after his stag night to see a mystery woman leaving his side in his hotel room. Will Edward and Sam’s wedding ever take place, or will their relationship survive?

Having enjoyed the previous 2 books in the series, The Accidental Proposal was a disappointing read. It felt overlong and Edward’s constant rambling and obsession about his love life is ever more present this time around. He jumps to conclusions, and refuses to listen to sensible advice (although it does come from Dan). Edward is a more frustrating and annoying character this time around. Dan’s story is that he wants to change who he is to win “The One Who Got Away” Polly back at Edward’s wedding. Apart from that, there isn’t much of a plot. Actual events are few and far in between as most of the text is taken up with Edward’s obsession about his relationship.

Although the book is overlong, the story ends at an odd place as it leaves many things unresolved (is there another sequel in the pipeline? Could I take another sequel?). Edward has so many insecurities and trust issues that it is questionable whether his marriage can be a success. If things are this bad now, they can only be amplified later. Sam is far too good for him, and whether Dan reforms his character and manages to win back the girl remains unanswered.

Not the best of sequels to a promising and funny series. 2 stars.



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