Unlike A Virgin – Lucy Anne Holmes


Gracie Flowers has always been organised thanks to her 5 year plan but things start to go awry as she reaches her 27th birthday – she loses out on a big promotion at work, her boyfriend gets his mother to dump her over the phone and her own mother has great big money worries. And things only get worse. This soon leads Gracie to realise that nothing should stop  her from achieving her dreams in life…


This is a funny, laugh-out-loud, crude (a bit too crude sometimes) novel which also weaves in the poignancy and sadness of Gracie and her relationship with her father and the plotline about her baby. I was kept captivated by Gracie, who is a fantastic and fabulous character, and the other characters, such as Wendy, probably the best friend a girl could ask for. The romance storyline with Anton, who is twice Gracie’s age, is a bit uncomfortable to read, but Holmes makes clear that these two are meant to be together – their likes, their past and the way in which events draw them together. Gracie finally gets what she has been chasing in her life, something she has long forgotten, and you really cheer her  on as a reader. 3.5 stars.


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