My Boyfriend’s Back – Chrissy Olinger

Jack is on his way to a school reunion, where he hopes to reunite with Rori, whom he has loved for ages. Unfortunately, his plans are cut short when he is apprehended by nemesis and former bully, John Lydon. And their car crashes. An angel Norman descends to Earth to tell Jack that he has a second chance at life due to his previous virtuous behaviour, but things go wrong when Jack’s soul returns to the wrong body and he is now John Lydon! The only way Jack can make things right is to make Rori fall in love with him in 3 days as John Lydon (and he can keep his life and John’s body), or he faces returning to his normal body, losing Rori forever and John dies. Can Jack make Rori fall in love with him before it is too late?

It is a smart idea, and I like the scenes with the angels, but overall, the idea doesn’t really get executed properly – there are so many plotholes and things that are glossed over. A major one is the deal that is made where Jack has to get Rori to fall for him. Why would Jack want to keep John’s body? After all, Rori wants Jack, not John. If Jack returns to his normal body, why does he face losing Rori forever? This isn’t really explained, but there are major issues. The story all gets tied up too quickly for my liking. 2 stars.


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