Desperately Seeking… – Evelyn Cosgrave

Hurt by men in the past, Kate finds herself settling for Keith – a generous, nice kind man deeply in love with Kate and willing to care for her and be with her for the rest of their lives. Despite this, there is a major problem – Keith just doesn’t ignite that special spark within Kate’s heart. Nevertheless, Kate is determined to press on with a life with Keith and soon finds herself in the midst of planning her wedding to Keith. Everything would be fine, except  she soon has her head turned by someone she really shouldn’t…


It is an ok read, but the story feels a bit predictable and non-eventful. I was interested to see how Kate and Keith’s relationship would develop, and in the end, you feel quite sorry for Keith. Whilst Kate is a witty character, she can come across as selfish and irresponsible, and doesn’t know what she wants. The rest of the characters aren’t really developed enough for the reader to be engaged and fascinated with their stories. Another thing I would take issue with is that Kate and the man she ends up are meant to have been in love for ages, but this is only really established towards the end of the story, although there is obvious reference towards the man’s feelings earlier on in the novel. The man’s situation is bizarre and his love for Kate feels a bit forced, which is possible due to lack of development of the characters and narrative.


It’s an adequate read and I was interested to see how Kate’s situation would resolve itself, but Desperately Seeking is nothing special. 3 stars.


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