California Dreamers by Belinda Jones

Stella is nursing a broken heart after boyfriend Jonathan chooses the Navy over her. Unable to let go of the past, she is offered a make-up artist job for famous actress, Marina Ray, in California, and the two of the become good friends. Yet, can leaving her old life really help her to move on, and does Stella really want to move on in the first place?

This is a great, witty story with a very likeable main character in Stella, and you really want her to find happiness as she starts her journey to find out what she really wants from life. It could be argued that she never moves on from her past relationship, but in the end, her journey leads her to find out what is most important in life, and it is truly interesting to read. California Dreamers provides a great insight into the world of Hollywood, the pressures of enlisting in the Navy and how a love so strong can withstand any barriers. The characters that Stella meets are fascinating too, especially Bodie the dog! My only gripe is the sudden change in Milo, who changes from dream guy who seems to genuinely have feelings for Stella to a drunken playboy only interested in a fling. This change seems very sudden, and paves the way for a predictable, although lovely, ending.

All in all, California Dreamers is a dream of a story! 4 stars!


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