I Heart Paris – Lindsey Kelk

Angela is feeling very lucky right now – she is happy in her relationship with Alex and plans to move in with him very very soon, has been whisked away to Paris, the city of love, by said amazing boyfriend and she has been headhunted to write an article about the city for Belle magazine. Yet as soon as she arrives in Paris, she starts to feel very very unlucky, as her suitcase is blown up, she soon meets Alex’s former girlfriend in Paris and sabotage is afoot in her job. How can Angela reverse her misfortune?

I was disappointed by I Heart Hollywood but I Heart Paris, I really enjoyed. I thought it was really funny, especially the scene at the festival when Angela confronts Solene. I also liked the way that Alex and Angela’s relationship developed and deepened, and managed to survive all the obstacles thrown their way. The way Paris was described was beautiful and ¬†glorious, painting a vivid background for Angela’s story. One thing that I thought was a bit strange is the large amount of times that Angela seems to get herself injured, even after tripping over some shoes she manages to acquire a gift of one black eye. Surely no one can be that clumsy?!

Nevertheless this was a great read, although I still prefer I Heart New York, but this is almost as good. Almost. 3.5 stars


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