Smart Casual – Niamh Shaw


Olivia Anderson loves her job and believes she is in line for a big promotion, which has been long overdue. When she is passed over, she beings to rethink all things career related, and to throw into the mix, her handsome new manager, Luke, seems to complicate things further. Soon Olivia discovers that all is not well at the company she has given so much to in the past – someone is trying to sabotage one of their big projects, and unfortunately for her, Olivia is being framed for it! Can Olivia bring the guilty party to justice and clear her name?


This is a fun story which reminds me of Operation Sunshine in that industrial espionage plays a key part in the plot. Whilst Colgan rather haphazardly slapped all of the different strands of the narrative in her novel, this is a more well thought out, developed story that kept me gripped. Some of the narrative voice was a bit odd but overall it is an enjoyable read and the dialogue is witty, and the plot is great. I don’t know where the title comes from though! 3.5 stars


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