Millie’s Fling – Jill Mansell

After preventing successful author, Orla Hart, from committing suicide, Millie couldn’t imagine how much her life changes after that. She loses her boyfriend, her job and her dignity after playing an unintentionally insensitive joke on the owner of a lost wallet she found. When Orla decides to base her next novel on Millie’s life, it marks a surprising turn of events, in more ways than one.


It is a well written story but it is largely uneventful for me. The relationship between Hugh and Millie was nice to read but ultimately bogged down by Hugh clinging on to his guilt and grief. The storyline between Hester and Nat seemed like a big anti-climax, and the way that the storyline was resolved was unbelievable. Hester’s one night stand with Lucas didn’t seem to have a big impact at all on matters. I liked the ending when Hugh and Millie were reunited but it felt like the ending was a bit rushed, leaving behind a lot of unanswered questions: did Con ever reveal the truth to his parents about his sexuality? How would Orla react to Millie concealing such a big secret about her love life? What happened to the book that Orla was writing about Millie?


A nice read, but there are some major weaknesses which mean that this isn’t one of Jill Mansell’s best works, 3 stars.


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