Bridesmaids – Jane Costello

Evie is a serial bridesmaid who has never come close to tying the knot herself – her relationship rarely last that long and she has never fallen in love in all her 27 years. At Grace’s wedding, Evie meets Jack, who could change all that, except there is one problem – he is her friend Valentina’s date. Yet their paths keep crossing: are Jack and Evie destined to be together?

Evie seems to be a popular name for the chick lit books I have read recently (Molly Hopkins, Jenny Colgan…). I thought that this was a fantastic read. The blurb hints significantly at Jack and Valentina’s relationship but it seems to be a minor point in Bridesmaids. Nevertheless, I thought that this was a fantastic read. There is always the issue that the “misunderstanding” could have been avoided – if Evie didn’t like about Jimmy and revealed her past to Jack, I’m sure he wouldn’t have stopped falling for her, but I guess it doesn’t make as good a story. I like the relationship between Evie and Jack, and the ending where they reunite was sweet. The storyline surrounding Charlotte’s affair was no surprise but the fallout was well crafted. Bridesmaids is a well written, smart, hilarious read which highlights the importance of relationships between friends, family and lovers. It more than makes up for the disappointment of The Nearly-Weds. 4 stars


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