Rubbish Boyfriends by Jessie Jones

Present day – Dayna is about to give birth in the maternity ward. Through the book, Dayna explains her love history and how she got to this point, about to give labour. All of her past boyfriends have been a bit, well rubbish. One of these men is the baby’s father, the only question is: who?

I found reading this a bit of a chore – none of the characters are partucluarly interesting. A book can succeed or fail on the basis of its main character and in this case, Dayna is spoilt, whiny, arrogant, selfish and unlikeable. The way in which she supposedly has this magic effect on men, managing to reform their characters, is unexplicable, managing to curb Simon’s womanising ways for example, given her personality.

For the majority of the book, Dayna moans. I didn’t find the narrative partuclary exciting and ended up skip reading sections frequently. The ending, which is the readon the reader is forced to learn about Dayna’s history, sseems abmigious. Nowhere is it explained how Simon got to be the father. Did they have a one night stand or rekindle the relationship in secret? What about Dayna’s relationship with Christian? A friend commented that Dayna, having seen Kirsty conceive using a turkey baster, may have enlisted Simon’s help to have a baby, but why Simon? It doesn’t really make sense. The last line when Simon comments on the baby looking “curly” and Dayna stating that SImon is the only boyfriend who has straight hair is confusing. Is it just a flippant remark or is she trying to imply that Simon is not the father? After muddling through the story, to be presented with this ending is frustrating.

Rubbish Boyfriends, rubbish book (original, I know). And lastly: Chris Martin and Coldplay. WHY?! 1 star.


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