31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell

There’s a house that Leah has noticed opposite her house – it is a curious house and she wonders who lives there. An old man dying outside the house leads her to meet Toby, who lives in the house with his sitting tenants that he has allowed to live there whilst they figure out how to achieve their dreams. This chance meeting also allows Leah and Toby to fulfil their own dreams too…

This is a fantastic read. Toby is a generous and kind character, who manages to get himself into the strangest of situations, with hilarious consequences, and he makes a great pairing with Leah. Their relationship is funny, warm and bubbly. The book also focuses on this different stories of the tenants, such as Con and his relationship with a co-worker who has cystic fibrosis, which makes him question everything he once thought about life, Joanna and her tragic past and Ruby, who uses men to get what she wants. Each of these stories are interesting to read without ever deflecting attention from the main story. The  reference to Indian values and cultural norms was also an interesting feature of the book, as was the use of letters and other media at the start and end of the book.

Loved 31 Dream Street although it felt like it ended too soon for me, I would have loved to carried on reading it more!  4 stars


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