Solo by Jill Mansell


Struggling artist, Tess Duvall, gets more that she bargained for when she agrees to attend a party with her friend Holly at the hotel where she works. Tessa meets notorious womaniser, Ross Monahan, and both are instantly drawn to one another, and after a night of passion, Tessa falls pregnant. Can Ross convince Tessa that he truly loves her and their baby, especially as his reputation threatens to prevent their relationship from developing. Holly has her own romantic troubles. She has been in love with Ross’s brother, Max, but eh doesn’t see her anything more than a member of staff. She starts yo wonder is he should give up on him, especially as Adam starts to enter the picture.

I thought this was a great read – I really like the way that Mansell portrayed the relationship between Tessa and Rob – sparky, fun, but at times serious and emotional. All of the characters are given enormous depth and detail, apart from Antonia, who is your stereotypical bitch, who plays her part well. The storyline itself is great: the central story of Tessa and Ross falling in love was really enjoyable, as were the other storylines concerning Holly and Mattie. Mansell keeps the reader entertained with a strong way of storytelling, throwing in a few twists and turns along the way that kept me gripped. 4 stars.


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