Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson


Rosie Duncan has been living in New York for 6 years after experiencing a painful heartbreak in the past that has caused her to lose belief in love. Things seem to look up when she meets Nate. Can she learn to love again?

I thought that this was the weakest of Dickinson’s books. The general premise is ok, but not perfect. It becomes blindingly obvious who Ed has fallen for earlier on, but Rosie is annoyingly slow to work out who it is. Nate is a confusing character – at the end, I couldn’t work out what kind of relationship he wanted with Rosie – love or friendship? Does he really love Caitlin? The idea that Nate realised that Rosie had feelings for someone else sits uneasy, as throughout the book, it isn’t made clear that Rosie does love Ed. The reader only gets glimpses of her real feelings at the end, and the actual ending itself rushes the story in my opinion. It would have been nice to read Rosie falling for Ed for definite rather than having fleeting thoughts of him. Another weakness is the James and his scandal storyline – this doesn’t add anything and made for a dull section of the novel.

I did like the core friendships and the sparky dialogue between the main characters (although the way confesses his feelings at the end was a bit cringe worthy) and the references to Mr Kowalski, their dearly departed friend and former boss were good.Overall, an ok read, but not fantastic. 3 stars.


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