Practically Perfect by Katie Fforde

Anna’s heart is set on redesigning and rebuilding a small cottage, investing her time, energy and money in it. She quickly makes friends with mother-of-three Chloe and acquires a new greyhound, Caroline. However, is the cottage too much work? Things aren’t helped by buildings inspector, Rob Hunter, who stands in the way of building her dream cottage…
Practically Perfect is a sweet, charming story, yet I think it is overlong. At times, Fforde has the tendency to drag the story out, and it feels like there is no pace to the story at tall, and makes reading it difficult. Some people may enjoy the oh-so slowness of the narrative but for me, it doesn’t always work. However, I did enjoy the story and the characters, although I thought that the argument between Anna and Rob after the fire felt a bit out of place, but this was soon resolved by a lovely ending. The appeal of this story (and generally most of Fforde’s work) is that you get drawn into the story of the main character – nothing eventful happens, it is a slow burner, although sometimes a little too slow paced for my liking. 3 stars.

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