Stick or Twist by Eleanor Moran


Anna is tired of her relationship with Adam, which gives her safety and security, but nothing else. Things have become boring and passionless. Anna decides it is time to get out fast, but will she live to regret her decision?


Moran presents a very funny and frank tale exploring what love is. The main character, Anna, can appear to be a bit selfish at times, but largely she comes across as a realistic and refreshingly honest character with a dry sense of wit that I became really interested in her story. Anna is on a quest to find love and soon she finds herself in romantic trouble, that leads her to reflect on and question her relationship with Adam.


The supporting characters are  a bit hit and miss – I didn’t find Polly likeable at all (a bit too nice and what she does in the book is a definite no-no in friendship), and Susie I was indifferent too. Horst and his mannerisms were wonderfully quirky as is his attempt to find love, and his role as “knitwear designer” at one of Anna’s magazine shoots. Tom was an ok character although he felt a bit bland, where Harry and Lucas were the archetypal bad boys/ slimy toads. The story does get predictable at times – you can tell when Anna is making a choice that is going to lead to bad consequences later on, and who Anna will end up with at the end. However, I did enjoy reading Stick Or Twist, but it would have been nice to see more development and depth to the supporting characters. 3.5 stars.



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