I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk


The second instalment of the I Heart series sees Angela Clark being sent to LA, accompanied by best friend, Jenny, to interview British actor, James Jacobs, famed for his great acting talent, as well as his womanising. Struggling to find the courage to tell boyfriend Alex that she loves him, she leaves these words unspoken as she flies to LA, and worries that Alex might cheat on her. It soon turns out that she herself is the one that she needs to worry about, as she finds herself snapped in compromising photos with James, and the media comes to believe that the two of them are having a relationship, which far from impresses Alex, even though it couldn’t be further from the truth. Angela finds her reputation, her job and her love life on the line: can she salvage one of the these, if any?


I really enjoyed I Heart New York so I thought I would try reading the sequel. For me, it wasn’t as good – the story is nothing special and it is unbelievable to read as Angela lurches from one disaster to another, and is quite slow to grasp the obviousness of another disaster she Is about to head into (re. James and Joe). Everything did get resolved in the end although it felt uneasy when Alex seemingly forgave Angela and apologised for his trust issues despite Angela having her own trust issues and doing what she did. One character who I found irritating was Jenny and her double standards – one minute she is telling Angela to sleep with James, and then after James and Angela are photographed kissing, Jenny is chastising Angela for cheating on Alex. Her words are quite inconsistent and don’t make sense.


All in all, it is a fair story – the twist concerning James was good, but otherwise, the story fell flat and felt like an average read, although I did want to keep reading on to find out what happened to the characters I enjoyed reading about in I Heart New York. 3 stars.


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