Wedding Season by Katie Fforde

Wedding Season

Sarah is a driven career focused woman who works as a wedding planner, but refuses to believe in love herself after having her heart broken in the past, but dashing photographer Hugo is proving to be a bit of a distraction. Can he be the one to make her believe in love again? Her friends Bron and Elsa also have their own issues. Elsa is unconfident and shy, but a makeover and meeting Laurence promises to change all that. Bron is in a stale and loveless relationship with Roger and stuck in a job she abhors. Can she find the courage to break free?

Wedding Season is an easy, gentle story and the friendship between the three women is strong. Nothing momentous happens; it is a bit of a slow burner. In my opinion, it is a fine story although it takes too long to reach the ending, and this could have been tightened up in editing in my opinion. It is a story built on misunderstandings (which can be sometimes frustrating) and reluctances to move on from the past, but overall it is a pleasant, albeit slow in places, book to read. 3 stars.


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