The Way We Were – Elizabeth Noble

Susannah is coming close to her 40th birthday and life as she knows it has been a bit of a disappointment. She is in a stale relationship with Douglas and playing step-mother to his three children. Everything seemed bright when she was younger but she hates life now. The re-emergence of her first love, Rob, turns her world upside down – she still loves him but he is married now. Can Susannah and Rob ever re-capture the way things were?

 The Way We Were

This is an ok story – you don’t particularly feel close to any of the characters but I did feel gripped with Rob and Susannah’s relationship in the past and present. The ending was quite sad as Susannah comes to grips with leaving happy memories in the past where they belong. I thought that half-telling the story from the past was good but Noble drops this method after Susannah’s deceit – it would have been interesting to see the immediate fallout from her confession. It is quite a bleak love story and very character driven. The frequent and explicit descriptions of sex were a little off-putting for me, but the story is a fair, if heavy, read. 3 stars.


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