Baby Be Mine by Paige Toon

Ex-PA Meg lives in France with boyfriend Christian and their one-year old son, Barney, sharing an idyllic familylife, threatened by one thing: Christian does not know that he is not the father of Barney, rather Meg’s ex-boyfriend and famous rock star, Johnny Jefferson, is. Meg can’t possibly keep this a secret forever, and isn’t perpared for the fallout that is about to occur…

Baby Be Mine is a sequel to Johnny Be Good, although I was unaware of this until after I finished the book. I think Baby Be Mine does work well as a standalone novel and you don’t need prior knowledge of the first book to read it, as Meg flashes back to past memories during the course of the story. It is a great tale once you get past the first few chapters, which mainly consist of Meg overdwelling on her guilt and attempting to justify keeping Barney’s true parentage a secret (it is hard to warm to her as a character during this stage). Once the truth is revealed, and Johnny re-enters the scene, the story really gets going as the characters attempt to deal with new circumstances and situations, as Meg and Barney become embroiled in the LA lifestyle that Meg once left behind – it’s not all glamour and showbiz. The relationship between Meg and Johnny was well portrayed, as are the changes that Johnny undergoes as he adapts to his new life. One thing that could ahve been developed was the actor which Meg dated and his background. Meg mentions that the actor seems to have been hurt in the past, but this isn’t really explored, and it would have been interesting to see what happened (although I am not sure if there is much space for this in the narrative). Overall, I loved the story and the ending was sweet. 3.5 stars (maybe a 4 if it wasn’t for the first few chapters)


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