It Started With A Kiss – Miranda Dickinson

Rejected after confessing her love for her best friend Charlie, Romily is taken aback when a handsome stranger surprises her with a kiss, only to disappear afterwards. Romily sets out to find this stranger, setting up a blog and going to great lengths to find him again, aiming to find him in a year’s time. Meanwhile, Charlie is having second thoughts about his feelings for Romily….
Dickinson creates a great friendship between Romily and the other members of her band, The Pinstripes, which is enjoyable to read, as is the relationship between Romily and her aunt and uncle. The characterisation and the initial plot idea is great. The way in which the author incorporates blog and email entries is unusual but adds to the realistic tale. Sometimes, the story lags and the narrative is less interesting in places, but the ending makes the journey worthwhile. Dickinson leads the reader into many a twist and turn in Romily’s quest to find the stranger, or true love. I certainly didn’t expect the ending that was given and was surprised, in a good way!
What is also interesting is how Dickinson has created Book Extras (similar to DVD extras).
Overall, the story was a good read, although it does feel slow in places. I feel like some of the story could have been edited better as I felt myself losing interest at times and skipping certain parts. The quest to find the stranger was gripping and I wanted to see how the stranger would re-emerge in the story. The story explores humour, sadness and love in a subtle manner and the ending is well written. 3 stars

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