The Nearly-Weds by Jane Costello

Originally posted 03/03/2012

Having read My Single Friend and having heard good reviews about this book, I dceided to give The Nearly-Weds a try. It focuses on Zoe, who was recently jilted at the altar by her fiance Jason. To get over him, she leaves England to start a new life and a new job in Boston, little does she know that her romantic troubles aren’t going to get any easier, especially when she meets her new boss, the womaniser widow, Ryan.
Costello presents an average tale but it feels lie i doesn’t all come together to produce a fantastic novel. Zoe is a likeable character but for me, the way she pined for Jason when she was with Ryan, and for Ryan when she was with Jason was a little off-putting, as were her constant thoughts about Ryan (and his body). Ryan is an unsympathetic character and the way he is presented means that there are no redeeming features or anything which qualifies his status as the romantic hero of the piece, something I felt right up to the end of reading the book. Some of the events are bizarre. Zoe questions why her mother forgave Jason so readily, and this is something that the reader questions too – the explanation that is given isn’t a satisfactory one. The later stage of the story, when Zoe returns to the UK is a little rushed with some much happening, in deep contrast with the rest of the story, which was a little slow. It’s not an entirely awful book, but My Single Friend was a well written read that this feels like a disappointing effort from Costello. 2 stars

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