Postcards From The Heart – Ella Griffin

Postcards From The Heart focuses on two couples. Greg, a famous soap actor, is dating Saffy, who works in advertising. Saffy is waiting for the day Greg will finally propose to her, but his refusal to commit coupled with his desire to make it big in Hollywood poses problems in their relationship. Their friends, Jess and Connor, seem to have been lucky in love. They have been in a long-term relationship and have two children. Yet money worries and career obstacles threaten to blow apart their blissful relationshit. Can either of these two couples find happiness? It’s a long journey, but as more secrets are exposed, happiness becames harder to achieve.
The story is written well – the use of texts and emails in the story make it seem more relaistic and interesting to read. Jill’s cancer and the large secret she keeps about Saffy’s father were highlights of the book, and I enjoyed Greg’s mixed up idioms. Yet, all in all, it feels like an average read – there is nothing that engages you, and it is packed with cliches that make the book seem overly predicatable. The characters do show glimmers of potential but often they irritated me. Jess has a tendency to be over-moral concerning the other characters and portrays herself as some kind of saint, showing no consideration for Conor and his dreams. It is a good effort from Griffin, but the results aren’t what I would have hoped for. 2.5 stars


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