Let’s Meet on Platform 8 – Carole Matthews

This is Matthews’ first book – it’s not one of her best but she manages to craft a good tale exploring the beginnings of an affair and the repercussions it has for everyone involved. There are no unlikeable characters at all, which is surprising in a story – usually there is some sort of bad character, but whilst these characters are flawed, as a reader you don’t really hate anyone. There are times however, when you dislike Teri and Jamie’s actions as they are immoral due to the situation.
The meeting at the train station is quite romantic and sets the beginning of what is a beautiful relationship between the two main characters. Yet nothing is easy in romance, and there are complications – in the form of a wife and two kids. Normally with these types of stories you expect an happy ending, and as you read further towards the end, you can’t imagine how Teri and Jamie will end up together, and they don’t. In the end, Jamie moves away with his family. The ending is quite bittersweet as they part for the last time, and it makes you wonder if the story were to continue what would happen to the characters. Would Jamie being in love with another woman cause him to get depressed, or stop his marriage from ever being a happy one? Teri falls pregnant at the end – would she tell Jamie, and if Jamie’s family ever found out what would happen. The story seems to end at a unusual point, and it doesn’t feel resolved. Or perhaps that was Matthew’s idea – to end it in a way that would still ask so many questions, exploring how an affair doesn’t always end so clear-cut. 3 stars

One thought on “Let’s Meet on Platform 8 – Carole Matthews

  1. Sounds like a good read. 🙂 Affairs are generally messy–no one comes out of one unscathed. I’m intrigued by how “realistic” this book will be. Will add to my reading list.

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