I Heart New York – Lindsay Kelk

Angela Clark’s perfect world is thrown into chaos when she discovers her boyfriend Mark is a man misbehaving badly at her best friend’s wedding. Humiliated, Angela decides to take a drastic course of action and flies to New York, where the city, new friends and a beautiful Marc Jacobs bag make New York seem a more attractive city compared to London. Life gets even better when she gets a job as a blogger for a top magazine and meets two fantastic men who are interested in her, but is New York everything that she wants?
Similar to A Single Girl’s To-Do List in that it follows the main character who has recently become single and tries to reinvent herself to become a better person, the change that Angela makes also occurs over such a short space of time. Like Rachel, Angela attracts many handsome men in her new life change. Life seems to fall in place so easily that it may seem strange, but this is a minor quibble. Kelk crafts a great story in I Heart New York, although it was slightly uncomfortable for Angela to be dating two men at the same time. Nevertheless, it is well written, and the moments between Angela and Alex, for example, the Empire State Building part, were really touching to read. The vivid description of New York and American culture really add to the tale. Kelk put a lot of effort into researching New York, and it shows when you read the book. The main characters are extremely likeable, and I cannot wait to see how they and their stories develop over the rest of the series. 4 stars

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