The 4 O’Clock Club

This new 13 part comedy is currently airing on CBBC and it is a treat. The 4 O’Clock Club follows Daniel Carter, a failed rapper turned teacher, who works at the same school his younger brother Josh attends, which is Josh’s biggest nightmare! Right from the theme credits, you know that you are in for a bold, loud, exciting show, and that’s what you get. The show features rap songs from the two brothers (working in a slight rap-musical way), which are catchy and show off the talents of the two actors who play Daniel and Josh. As well as the songs, the school setting might set the precedent for predictable storylines (such as the romance between Daniel and Miss Poppy), yet the show is snappy, funny and really well written and performed. I could easily see the show return for a second series (and I would hope it does) as this show works a treat. The weird thing is that whilst it is called the 4 O’clock Club, it is aired at half 5 in the evening. Strange…righttttttt?


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