The Chocolate Lovers’ Diet – Carole Matthews

This is a follow up to The Chocolate Lovers’ Club, another popular story written by Matthews which follows the story of the main character, Lucy Lombard, and her three best friends, Chantal, Autumn and Nadia. I haven’t yet read the first book, but I was filled in on the events by my sister, who liked the first book enormously. However, it wasn’t too hard to get into the story, as important events were explained in the second book well, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out too much.

This book sees Lucy having to choose between two men, Chantal coping with impending motherhood, Autumn finding romance and having to deal with her drug-addicted brother Richard, and Nadia reacting to her husband’s gambling habit. What works is the friendship that these 4 women have – and this really shows throughout the book as they help each other deal with new crises that life brings, and culminates in a drug handover that Autumn gets herself involved in – showing the strength of the relationship.

What doesn’t work for me is the constant references to chocolate. I like chocolate. A lot. But it doesn’t become frustrating to see it mentioned so often. I guess that it fits in with what brought these women together, but for me I didn’t like it so much. The main character, Lucy, is not especially likeable and her story wasn’t that great. In fact, I find myself more drawn to the stories of the women, which were more interesting, and these supporting characters were more likeable. Yes they were flawed but this added to their character.

All in all, I think it was a well written book, with its flaws. I don’t think there is anything special in the storyline but a solid effort from Carole Matthews. 3 Stars.


Drawing a Day updates!!!!

I’ve just uploaded the new drawings. Amongst there are the continuation of Twilight, the beginning of a new story I am trying out called Angel Love Agency, and a Fat Duck.

Drawings for 31st Jan to 06th Feb.

Drawings for 7th Feb to 13th Feb

Drawings for 14th to 19th Feb.

Drawings for 20th and 21st Feb.

The Drawing A Day feature should be updating daily for the next week or so, so keep checking for new entries!

Marcus Collins – Seven Nation Army

Well here it is:

Hmm…I’m not too sure to about this…the music doesn’t sound right to the ear ( a bit scooby doo haunted house for my liking), and even though Collins’ sounds great vocally, I’m not sure about the choice of song for his debut of his single. Perhaps if he had his own material but for now, it just doesn’t work. 1 star (and that’s for the vocals)

Hustle (originally written 6/2/2012)


I am very sad that this series of Hustle is the last series. All good things must come to an end, like Desperate Housewives is later this year.

Hustle’s joy is that it never takes itself too seriously, you know that when you are viewing it it is a light-hearted comedy-drama – it doesn’t proclaim itself to be anything but. The villains are extra evil and the actors and actresses portraying them waste no time in showing this to the audience, sometimes bordering on overacting, but it makes it fun to watch. And the crew are funny, clever and cool. Matt Di Angelo won’t win any acting awards, but his role as Sean Kennedy is perfect for him, it doesn’t require too much, but he is able to fulfil the charming, good looking role that is expected of him, and Hustle suits him quite well. The bonds and relationships between…

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Alphabet of Me


I am trying this new thing where I will attempt to write a blog entry for each letter for the alphabet – check out for Alphabet of Me – so far there is the letters B, V, J and E. I’ll try and find a way of transporting it to WordPress blog once I figure out how to make pages on this blog…

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