X Factor News

And yep…Simon Cowell and the X Factor is in the news again, this time, if we are to believe news reports (see Daily Mail article, he wants Cheryl Cole back on the X Factor.

Is it just me or are these constant stories in the press about the judging panel becoming a little tiresome. It only just finished and yet gossip is around concerning the judges for the next series. What I’ve heard so far is…

Everyone could be axed
Louis has a job for life
Louis could be sacked
Simon will return to the X Factor
Cheryl Cole is back (altho after the US version, I would’ve thought that she would want to avoid the X Factor like a plague)
Nicole Scherzinger will judge swap with Kelly Rowland.
Kelly quits.
All of these stories have been repeated more than once, whilst nothing has been confirmed. It’s likely that these rumours will continue for some time and do I expect to see a change? Perhaps, and the newspapers and the media will gladly speculate on who will fill the empty judging slot/slots.

Strictly Come Dancing as it’s own judging rumours space in the media after Alesha Dixon defecting to BGT. Possible judges include the return of Arlene Phillips (although I think the show has been different without her, and for her to return seems like a step backwards. I’m not supporting Dixon over Phillips, but I thought there was a freshness to the panel, and I didn’t really care for Phillips much as a TV personality), Karen Hardy, Jennifer Grey and Darcey Bussell. In a similar vein to hiring Dixon, it has been reported that BBC bosses are looking to past contestants to fill the vacant slot. From talented dancers such as Kara Tointon and Chelsee Healey, to the odder contestants like Nancy D’ellio (who would be more than happy to replace Dixon, who she has strong words with on the show) and Russell Grant. This seems like an odd idea as there was a lot of furore about Dixon being hired for lack of dancing knowledge, to turn to past competitors, especially someone like Russell Grant, would only draw more criticism – or publicity for the show (cynical eye).

And don’t get me started on Miranda Hart being touted as a possible replacement!

It seems like Karen Hardy seems like the best possible replacement – she has the personality and the expertise, she is popular with the audience and other judges and she deserves to be back on TV. The new judge will be announced later on in the year – if Miranda Hart or Russell Grant are hired, popular as they are, popularity does not a good judge make.


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