The Sweetest Taboo – Carole Matthews

The Sweetest Taboo follows Sadie, for whom life hasn’t turned out the way she expected. Life is pretty bad for Sadie until she meets Gill, an American movie producer. After one date, they become smitten with each other but are separated when Gill returns to America the next day. Soon, he is offering her a ticket to LA to be with him but can they be together properly? This is no Hollywood happy ending and there are many obstacles, namely in the form of Gill’s soon-to-be ex-wife Gina. Sadie later meets the handsome actor Tavis, who she assumes is gay but becomes increasingly attracted to him. How can she work out what she wants?
This book was really funny and the development and characterisation of Sadie was really well done. She is a character who is very likeable and real, with a good sense of humour that the reader wants her to find a happy ending. Matthews manages to strike the right balance of tones ranging from happy to romantic to sad.

Yet Gill never comes across as a credible rival for Sadie’s love – he is too materialistic and selfish, and doesn’t seem to put her first, and continously panders to Gina’s neediness and crazy antics. It is strange as to why Sadie agonizes over the choice, between Gil & the handsome, caring Tavis, it’s really no contest! However, this book was a fun and enjoyable to read, following Sadie’s journey in LA, with a fantastic ending!


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