Having watched the final at last, thanks to things getting in the way, I think it proved to be a fitting way to end Series 2 – full of drama, emotion and deerstalker hats. One question on everyone’s lips though is how Sherlock managed to fake his own death. Some I have read on the internet includes he jumped into an air cushion, and makes a swap with another body, another one includes using mind-altering drugs to confuse the situation or for Watson to just imagine the whole event up in his mind (but there were these assassins about to kill him so I doubt this – the assassins couldn’t have imagined the whole thing too).

My theory when I was watching it was…well I had no theory – I had random ideas, such as Sherlock was the cyclist who knocked Watson over, or maybe Watson, feeling disorientated after being knocked over imagined the body (Moriarity’s) to be Sherlock, and the viewer saw what Watson saw. Other theories I had was using face masks or drugs to mimic death, and then after Sherlock was carried away, he sprung back to life.

Hmm…whatever the answer, we’ll have to wait to 2013 to find when Sherlock returns!


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