Richard Herring – How Not To Grow Up

I’ve become a big fan of Herring through his many podcasts – Collings and Herrin, AIOTM to name but a few – so I decided to take a chance on this book having hearing it publicised so many times in the Collings and Herrin podcast. I was pleasantly surprised – it still retains some of Herring’s humour that I have become used to over listening to his podcasts, but it is a well written, candid look at his feelings of turning 40, and realising what he wants out of life. It takes a deeper look at what it means to “grow up”. What is interesting is the way he introduces events from his past into his writing, such as his childhood events. The book also includes some of Herring’s deeper feelings and emotions, such as meeting Catherine, which was interesting as it is something that doesn’t really come across when you listen to his podcasts.There are a few issues, such as the editing – in one chapter, a woman switches name in the next paragraph from Julia to Yasmin, only to return back to Julia in the following section. If you are easily offended, there is a lot of strong language and adult humour so be warned before you start reading this book. If however, you don’t mind that sort of stuff, I would recommend this book for you.


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