Only Fools and Hroses US remake?

It’s been announced that the makers of the hit comedy Scrubs are to remake the classic British sitcom but is this is a good idea? Take Teachers. In its heyday it was a prime example of great characters, great dialogue and great drama/subtle comedy. The US turned it into a “funny” family friendly 30mins episodes, devoid of any unique appeal and with canned laughter thrown into the mix. Life on Mars was inventive storytelling at its best, and the US transformed this by taking the title literally, the big twist being that the cast were actually on a spaceship to Mars! This is so absurd and robs the original drama of its cleverness in its story. Yet there have been some successes, The Office US, starring Steve Carell, has been a big hit, so maybe there is hope for OFAH US, altho i can’t see how it would translate into America quite as yet…


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