And so it comes to pass..the first month of 2012 (the end of the world supposedly, although I doubt this will happen. If I’m wrong, you can shout at me all you want, but I won’t be able to hear you). January is nearly over but what makes it such a January so January-ish?

A new start – the idea is that you begin the year in a new frame of mind, ready to transform yourself into a fantastic being be it giving up smoking, learning a new language, refraining from using so many plastic shopping bags or liking the colour green. However, best intentions often go awry as your New Year resolutions often break down and split (like a plastic shopping bag) a week or two after they were made. One of my many resolutions was the generic “be more organised”, and yes, I’ve been organised up to a point, where my memory is failing, papers are stuffed in drawers or scattered all over the floor and everything I need has always mysteriously disappeared. Ah yes, I appear to be sticking to that resolution quite well…
The weather – I feel let down by the lack of snow in my town, seeing as several lorries full of snow was dumped all over where I live. And yet…the strong winds, heavy rain and frosty icy pavements…Spain or Hong Kong hasn’t got anything on UK weather.
News – as per usual, the news is full of bad news surrounding the economy, where unemployment is rising, our politicians failing to do their jobs, acts of crime and murders, and more recently, the tragic tale of the cruise ship crash which has so far claimed 12 lives.
There are positive things in January too:
Chinese New Year – the Year of the Dragon, another chance for a new start
TV – Sherlock has been and gone on our screens – one of the best dramas for a long time.
We have the 2012 Olympics to look forward to in 6 months. How can the public wait to see how Boris Johnson pulls this off!
So cheer up, you still have 11 months left of 2012 to enjoy, so long as the end of the world doesn’t drop by in the meantime…


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