Disappointments of Life

Life is disappointing. Depressing as it may be, it’s the truth. From big time disappointments such as realizing life isn’t what you expected it to at a certain time in your life, to smaller ones (but just as disappointing), when your scones don’t rise as well as you wanted them too, it is hard to escape any form of disappointment. Even those who you would expect to be satisfied with life still experience disappointment from time to time. However, to make it through this long arduous journey of life, one mustn’t get too attached to disappointments happening, or about to occur (and when they do, you are disappointed). Instead, focus on the delights of life – again these range from the big time achievements and pleasures in life, such as getting a promotion or graduating from university, having great family and friends and doing your favourite things, to smaller but just as delightful things like taking a walk through the park or eating cheese on toast. It is these moments of happiness – however great or fleeting they may be, that make one able to cope through the disappointment. One can only hope that with constant disappointment, a light of joy will be just around the corner…


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