Andy Murray loses the Australian Open Semi-Final 2012

And yet again, Murray loses and his bid for grand slam glory is over. Sure the match between Djokovic had moments of great potential. Murray was leading 2-1 before Djokovic rained all over his parade and looked certain to clinch an easy win in the 6th set before Murray made an inspired comeback, only to lose again. Typical isn’t it…every year we have our hopes raised that maybe a Brit can clinch the grand slam crown only to lose it when they stutter on the court. I guess we should be used to it by now – e.g. Tim Henman, but it gets frustrating, especially as Murray as a great talent for tennis. The problem is that he can’t capitalise on this to win a grand slam, especially as there are 3 better players that he can’t seem to beat to get glory. Every year, Murray loses in a grand slam and tennis commentators say that it was the best match he has played and he will go on to win other grand slams – but this has been occurring for a while. I would like to see British success in tennis, but I don’t think it will come in the form of Andy Murray. I don’t think he can win a Grand Slam so long as Nadal, Federer and Djokovic are still playing, and by the time they retire or their game weakens, I don’t think Murray will still be playing the same fantastic standard of tennis as he does today. I guess we have to look to the future for the next British hopeful, with James Ward’s success in 2011 and Laura Robson being touted as one to watch for the future, or maybe resign ourselves to British failure at tennis.


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